LED projectors – pros and cons compared to tube projectors

LED projectors have appeared relatively recently, and are already used quite widely. Such equipment is characterized by the use of LED light emitters instead of traditional incandescent lamps and other varieties of lamps. Nevertheless, LED projectors can hardly be called an adequate replacement for lamp projectors, as each of these types has unique features. We offer to find out in detail.

A multimedia projector is a stand-alone device that provides information to the screen that comes from an external source: a computer, camcorder, television tuner, etc. Projectors are often used in home theater systems. They provide high image quality, characterized by good saturation, clarity and color accuracy.

How to choose an LED projector? What technical parameters are recommended to pay special attention to when choosing? Which projector models are most in demand? Consider these and other issues in more detail.

Advantages of LED projectors

One of the obvious advantages of LED projectors is their small size and weight. The advantage is due to a denser arrangement of electronic components, as well as the lack of a lamp, its heavy equipment. In addition, the design of the LED projector equipment does not have a rotating wheel, since the color change is carried out by software. Due to the lack of this wheel, LED projectors are more reliable.

Compactness and low weight are not the only reasons why LED equipment has become widespread among amateurs and professionals. Consider other advantages of such devices:

• Low power consumption. The obvious advantage of LED devices compared to lamp devices is that energy consumption is almost 10 times less. This not only reduces the cost of operating the equipment, but also gives you the opportunity to power the projector from an autonomous battery.

• Long life. While a standard projector lamp has a life of 2 to 5 thousand hours, depending on the model, LEDs can operate for up to 20 thousand hours. Not so long ago, projectors appeared on sale, the resource of LEDs in which is up to 100 thousand hours.

• Low cost. Compared to tube projectors, LED equipment does not really require large financial investments. This applies to both purchase and subsequent maintenance of equipment. Replacing elements in LED projectors costs several times less than replacing a projector lamp.

Also, the advantages of LED projectors include the versatility of some models. Already available devices with built-in self-powered, as well as with connectors for connecting mobile devices. Moreover, there are LED projectors on the basis of the Android operating system for sale.

Disadvantages of LED Projectors

If LED projector technology has so many advantages, why hasn’t it completely superseded lamp fixtures? The fact is that LED devices also have disadvantages. The most significant minus is the small power of the light flux. In this parameter, LED devices are inferior to those in the construction of which the lamp is located. At the moment, this minus limits the use of LED projectors to home use.

Projectors built on LED technology, for the most part, project a lower resolution image than lamp equipment. For this reason, it is not recommended to place such projectors near a wall or another surface onto which the picture is projected – the scene will be soapy.

Another disadvantage of this technique is the high noise level during operation. Often it exceeds 35 dBA, which is quite noticeable to the human ear. Especially if the projector is used at home and is literally half a meter from the head. Tube projectors are not so noisy, and this is another reason why they are still in demand, and why LED projectors are not a replacement for lamp projectors, but one of the alternatives.

Selection tips

When choosing, you need to consider different parameters:

1. to ensure high-quality images when watching movies, preference should be given to projectors with Full HD resolution;

2. projectors with high contrast are recommended for watching movies in shaded rooms;

3. It is recommended to give preference to brands that have worked well in the market, such as Casio and Optoma;

4. give preference to portable devices in case you plan to organize mobile presentations;

5. It is highly desirable that the device supports as many different formats as possible and is equipped with additional connectors.

The right choice of LED projector for home theater will allow you to comfortably watch your favorite movies in high quality.

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